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Cvs Eyeglass Repair Kit

This Cvs Eyeglass Repair Kit will fix your eyeglasses - fit most of them - in just three basic steps! Also, this Kit includes a screw size for each, so you can always get the eyeglasses you need while not forgetting the kit.

Eyeglass Repair Kit Cvs

The eyeglasses Repair Kit from Cvs is a top-of-the-line alternative to keep your glasses hunting new and in top-rated condition, the Kit includes 4 screws, screwdrivers, magnifier, and case. This Kit is sensational for repaired glasses or anyone who wants to keep their glasses searching perfect, this Repair Kit includes 4 screws screwdriver, magnifying glass, and case. The Kit also includes a screw starter, so you can easily order your eyeglasses when they're back in stock, the eyeglasses Repair Kit comes with an 4 screw in lens that is policy and free shipping. You will need to wear some type of eyeglasses for work or school, the Kit also includes an 1. 4 mm and 1, 6 lens. The Kit is uncomplicated to operate with just one screw, 6 lens. This Eyeglass Repair Kit is designed for use with universal fit eyeglasses, it includes 4 screws, 1. 4 mm 5 7 barrel and is produced of durable materials.