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Prada Pr 16mv Eyeglasses, Men's, Gloss Black

Looking for a fresh and stylish substitute to take your clothes and turn them into something more? Search no more than their Gloss Black heritage Pr 16 mv 1 Gloss Black demo lens will turn your clothes into a sight to see, with features like this, you know is of the quality you can trust. Plus, the our selection of lenses makes it effortless to get a top look for your unique self.

Prada Pr 16mv Eyeglasses

Looking for a stylish way to keep your vision intact? Vet prada's heritage line of sunglasses! These eyeglasses are fantastic way for a shopper who wants to look their best, with a stylish design and high-quality materials, these sunglasses are sure to give you the look you need to feel like a million bucks. Plus, the Gloss Black demo lens gives you an unparalleled look at the front of the box, eyeglasses with a sleek, Black look-and-feel. Make sure you're wanting your best with an eyeglasses, they're made with the latest technology in materials and engineering and are fit for today's men. The Pr 16 mv 1 Gloss Black size 53-16-140 eyeglasses are made with a stylish, classic design in a high-quality product, whether you're traveling or have too many tasks to do often, these glasses will make an excellent choice. This is a Gloss Black frame for the 16 mv series of glasses, the frames are made from a hard-shell case-like case and are protected with an anti-tamper transparent case. The lens are very high quality, Black plastic with a very small logo, the lens are small, black, adzuki-based lens. The eyeglasses are made to provide good vision and to be used in the sun, they are made of hard-shell material with a transparent case. The eyeglasses are filled with a sweat-resistant, anti-tamper coating, the eyeglasses are made to be worn with a Black color shirt. 16 mv eyeglasses are unrivaled value for your money, with quality materials and a stylish design, these glasses are unequaled for either style shopping. Made with a luxurious Gloss Black rectangles, they will add a touch of luxury to cloth, other features include an 53 mm lens and a dark-nesia lens.