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Takumi Eyeglasses Magnetic Clip

These eyeglasses have a Magnetic clip-on size, making them very comfortable to wear, the demi eye color is reflected in the eyeglasses, making them look good and feel good. The eyeglasses are made of 100% beeswax, making them very durable and comfortable to wear.

TAKUMI TK1030 50 Blue & Pink Marbled with Magnetic Clip-on Eyeglasses 51-17-140

TAKUMI TK1030 50 Blue &

By Takumi


Takumi Eyeglass Frames

The convenient Magnetic Clip on eyeglasses provides basic Clip on and off, the stylish design series includes a variety of eye-catching designs that will make you stand out from the rest. The blue and pink eyeglasses with Magnetic Clip on sunglasses are practical addition to your wardrobe, they are comfortable and have a look of luxury, while the eyeglasses have a design. These sunglasses are sure to users in many ways, with their Clip on sunglasses, users can wear them as-is, or put them on and take them off while in use. The eyeglasses also have a built-in Magnetic clip, making them super straightforward to take off with just a few clicks, they are also lightweight, making them facile to take on and off. Looking for a new pair of sunglasses? Look no more than the latest collection of eyeglasses! This line of high-quality sunglasses comes with a Magnetic Clip on sunglasses, making them everday stylish, whether you'm sagittarius or just desire a good shopping experience, we've got you covered! These frames have a Magnetic Clip that holds them in place on the other side of your glasses. They are brown and 43-18-140.